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#AdoptAGrandparent with a balloon buddy!  Now, more than ever, our senior citizens in nursing homes and assisted living communities need some love!  We are so excited to join this international balloon movement and have the people in our community #AdoptAGrandparent so that we can send them a fun and loving balloon buddy to brighten their day!  They have been isolated for so long!  Join us today!

The idea is to anonymously send each resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility a special delivery - a balloon buddy!  We're asking for your help!  For $20 you can order a buddy and help share the smiles!  Let's fill these communities with love, joy, and smiles!

How it works:  We will choose a facility and find out how many residents they have.  That is the number of buddies we need to fill that community with love!  After that number is met, we will create the buddies, deliver them in one giant, happy, mass delivery, and move on to our next community!  Join us in our mission to spread cheer, spread love, and share a smile!

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