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Balloon Columns

Balloon columns are a great way to decorate for your event.  A balloon column can be set up to be used on its own, combined with other types of balloon columns, or can be set up with other decororative items (such as a balloon arch) to create a unique masterpiece of art. Balloon columns come in a variety of styles and options. Below are just some of the many different ways that you can customize your balloon column.   Or bring in (or text) a picture of what you are envisioning for your event - the internet is full of ideas!  We are here to help serve you in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Call or text today at 218-828-2127.


Balloon Column Styles

Standard Column

Split Column

Curly-Q Column

Link Column

Standing Column

Balloon Column Toppers

3 Foot Column Topper

Curley-Q Column Topper

Mega Foil Column Topper

Double Megaloon Column Topper

Single Megaloon Column Topper

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